Volleyball Team Names Volleyball Team Names
Volleyball Team Names

Here are some funny volleyball team names.  If you need ideas for your team whether it be on the court or on the sand, we have you covered with all kinds of creative volleyball team names.

We even have club volleyball team names for some of the more popular volleyball club programs throughout Southern California. If you have any ideas for other names that we might have missed, feel free to respond in the comments below!

Funny Volleyball Team Namesvolleyball

  1. Scared Hitless
  2. Death From Above
  3. Sets In the City
  4. Way Out
  5. Block Heads
  6. Spike Punch
  7. SWAT Team
  8. Sets On the Beach
  9. Ball Busters
  10. Serves You Right
  11. Passing Fancy
  12. Planet Volleywood
  13. Way Out
  14. 99 Problems But a Beach Ain’t One
  15. I’d Hit That

Creative Volleyball Team Names

Here are some creative names for those of you want some smart names that serve as puns! I don’t know of a lot of teams that have these names, so you could have a truly original team name. Th

  1. Son of a Beach
  2. Kiss My Ace
  3. Serv-ivors
  4. Low Roofs
  5. Served Hot
  6. Club Spike
  7. Sand Eaters
  8. Block Market
  9. Hitting Bricks
  10. Set To Kill
  11. Spike Punch
  12. Death at the Net
  13. EZ Pass
  14. Net Results
  15. Beach Boys

Southern California Girls Club Volleyball Team Names

Here are some of the most popular volleyball team names for girls club teams. These names have already been claimed by their respective program. However, you can still use them to brainstorm ideas for your volleyball program if you are starting one up. There is some information on how to start a volleyball club at the bottom of this post.


  1. Sports Shack
  2. Sunshine
  3. Wave
  4. SVVC
  5. Golden West
  6. Coast VBC
  7. Legacy
  8. 951 Elite
  9. Stealth
  10. Rancho Valley
  11. Epic
  12. Mavericks 900
  13. Reef
  14. California Heat
  15. Surf City
  16. Eclipse
  17. Oaks VBC
  18. Beach Cities
  19. Revolution
  20. Showcase

Southern California Boys Volleyball Team Names

Here are some of the most popular names for boys club teams. Again, these have already been registered and this list just serves as some general knowledge of the boys club teams in Southern California. If you are looking to register or start a boys volleyball team, I suggest looking at the paragraph at the end of this post. Feel free to scroll through the list and you can even Google them to see their official team websites.

  1. Balboa Bay
  2. Legacy
  3. Beach Cities
  4. SCVC
  5. Bones VBC
  6. Team Rockstar
  7. High Line
  8. Huntington Beach
  9. Spectrum
  10. Manhattan Beach Surf
  11. SMBC
  12. Pacific Palisades
  13. Ohana
  14. 949 VBC
  15. OCVC
  16. Riptides
  17. Central Cal
  18. Seaside
  19. Coast VBC
  20. Wave

If you have any other suggestions, or point out that we missed something, feel free to comment below! All these volleyball teams are names of specific clubs or names that we brainstormed ourselves. If you are looking to start a volleyball club, you should visit the SCVA website here.

You can find all the information you need as well as other volleyball clubs that are in your area. For volleyball programs in states other than California, you can check out the USA volleyball website located here. Check out some of our other posts for team names for your volleyball program or team.

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